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How To Get People To Do Something For You

 how to get, phone calls, getting people, to do, job search, for you, linkedin, phone, something, ideas, moving, people, unread, respond, plenty If you are at all like me, there are quite a few unread emails in your in-box.  There are also some that were read and not responded to yet.

Same with phone messages.

While I keep trying to reduce the amount of incoming email, more seems to come.  So I try to keep up and respond to everything.  But I can’t.  And I’m not alone.

Part of the problem is driven by the holidays.  That 4-6 week period where we all spent more time relaxing with people than emailing them.  Or responding to them in other formal ways.

And then everyone gets back to work or back to the job search and there’s new work on top of the work they left behind.

If you are wondering why so few people are getting back to you right now, there’s your answer.  Somewhere someone is choosing to either act upon your request or ignore it.

So what can you do?

How do you get your requests handled before the requests of others? And before too much time has passed?

Here are 5 ideas to release the pent-up demand and get people focused on you:

Ask them again – while being a pest is certainly a possibility when you are trying to get your needs taken care of, there’s nothing wrong with one strong follow-up.  A friendly reminder to someone who never intended to ignore you.  But did.  So you’ll probably get a “so sorry, sure glad to help” answer. They feel bad for not answering sooner and you get what you wanted.

Try a different medium – if your first attempt was via email, try a phone call this time.  Think of a time during the early AM or late afternoon when someone is at their desk and may reach for the phone.  Be prepared to quickly remind them of your request and offer to send a follow-up or reminder via email or text. One they can easily reply to.

Do something nice – write a recommendation for them or their company on LinkedIn.  Re-tweet something on Twitter they wrote and add a nice comment.  Comment on their blog posts (everyone likes comments).  Give them a +K on Klout. Buy their stock on Empire Avenue.  Or get old-fashioned and drop off a small gift.  Each of these are like poking your face in their car window.  But without the creepy aspect.  You are getting back on their radar.

Make it easy or convenient – if the thing you need is an introduction to a target company, write an intro for them so they can just tweak and forward it along.  Same with recommendations on LinkedIn (worst case, remind them of your accomplishments while you worked together).  If it is a meeting you want, provide specific times when you know you can be available (and just so you know, “how’s next week” will not move things along). Or offer to meet them at a Starbucks near their house or a close freeway entrance.

Remind about relevance – sometimes we need a kick in the pants as to why you need something done.  And why now.  Maybe there is a time sensitivity and you can remind them about that.  Maybe the thing they are supposed to do will actually help them in the end.  Not you.  Reinforce the reason why you are asking and the benefit of their acting.  And you may get moved to the front of the line.

How about you?  How do I get you to move when I need you to?

And what has been successful for you?

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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