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Interviewing? Be Yourself.

job interview, be yourself, relax, tips, job search, ideasWhen I was a kid I used to play air guitar with the best of ’em. The band of choice was, of course, KISS. We’d stand on the fireplace using the various tools to stoke or clean the fireplace as our lead guitar. The music came like a landslide of rocks and debris from the loft up above. If, for some reason, rock is not your thing and KISS is not a band you are familiar with, click on the video link here . . .

If you made it through all 5:01 you are a either a big KISS fan or very patient.

Anyway, besides the great music, KISS was known for costumes, explosions and great makeup that hid their faces (hiding their true identity).

Do you ever interview like KISS?

What if I told you that sometimes people interview in a way that hides their identity? Their authentic self is in there, but so is the person that can better answer the interview questions being asked by the hiring manager. For example, if someone asks you if you are more comfortable being independent or getting regular direction, what do you say? Are you always looking for the middle ground so that you can be seen positively?

Have you ever answered in a way that is mostly untrue but seems to be what the hiring manager wants? Many people make errors in judgment especially if they are in round 2 or 3 and want to look like the right candidate. The advice I got last year? Don’t do it.

The rest of the advice? Be your brutally honest and authentic self.


1. It’s the right thing to do.
2. You will get hired at the right time for the right job by a company that wants YOU (not someone that you will struggle to live up to).
3. You will succeed long term by working at companies where you fit and can grow.

If you are not authentic, you will get jobs and then lose them (creating a trail of short, unsatisfying results).

So, don’t be like KISS when out looking for a job. It’s not about rocking and rolling all night. It’s a career you want to be thinking about . . .

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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