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Is Summer A Job Search Momentum Killer?

career job search, social network service, summer job search, a job, job search, job leads, quick check, job interview, twitter, jobs, job, killer, recruiter, momentum, summer, employment, searchHard to believe it is already the middle of July.  The kids are out of school and your ability to get a lot done at home has just gone from maybe to impossible.

If your house is like mine, any momentum built during the summer is quickly and loudly interrupted by tiny voices.  Voices that sound like a thundering herd.  Combine that with “Daddy, can you fix this” or “Honey, can you reach that” and you are entering the ultimate inefficient zone called “summer”.

So with less quiet time and a natural lull due to hiring manager vacations, it is a great time to take stock and make any adjustments to your job search and social networking strategy.

Here are five questions to ask yourself:

How many new connections are you making each week?

How many of these connections are working in your target industry?  And how many are working at your target companies?  If all of your new connections are just random nice people, you need to begin working with more of a purpose.  It’s great to meet new people as the right connection can come from anywhere.  But you need to keep your eyes clearly trained on the right connections first.

How’s your attitude these days?  Are you dripping with self-confidence?

It is always hard to maintain bubbling self-confidence all the time.  None of us are that good.  But part of that first impression with recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers includes an assessment of your ability to help yourself.  And if your network feels like you can help yourself, you are likely to get more help than someone who is feeling less confident.

Are you using the power of social media?

If you are still in the “wait and see” camp, here’s a thought for you: this train has left the station. And the train cars are filled up with job leads, target company employees, recruiters, career coaches and a lot of other people with the ability to help you.  You simply have to reach out and engage.  Talk to people on Twitter and they are likely to talk back.  Like a target company’s Facebook page and there’s a chance you can build a bit of social credibility as a result. And please, oh please, do not allow yourself to get lazy on LinkedIn.

What’s your story?

If you want to be memorable while networking and interesting during job interviews, you need to tell a compelling story.  It needs to be crisp, relevant and full of tangible evidence that you are the right person for the job.  The goal is to get your network leaning in and wanting to learn more.  Instead of their being left with wandering ears and eyes.   So develop a strong brand promise so that I know what makes you great.  And how I can differentiate you from the others out looking for the same job.

Are you taking advantage of this time in life?

It’s easy to get caught up in the race to your next job.  After all, there are time pressures, bills to pay and high expectations from your network.  But it is also important to take advantage of this time to re-connect with  family, good friends and to succeed in other aspects of your life.  In fact, there are 101 (other) things you can do during job search.  Read this one yet?  If not, you may find a few important ideas here.  In case this is your first and potentially only major career break in life.

If you need more ideas to analyze your current situation and to determine where the holes in your armor may be, see this job search self-evaluation tool.

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