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The Key To Career Resilience: Know Yourself

job search strategy, job search, career expert, lenore mewton, psychological resilience, human behavior, positive psychology, career strategies, career assessment, career coach, growing careers, career consultant, skill, psychology, know, strategy, career, yourself Today the blog features a guest post from Lenore Mewton.  Lenore is a career coach, resume expert and certified provider of career assessments.  She is also an approved career expert here at Tim’s Strategy.

Being valuable to your company won’t provide job security.  But knowing yourself to create career resilience is vital today.

For years I’ve taught people how to develop from the “inside out” to build confidence and success in their career strategy. As many are finding in our downsized world, when the “what” they do (role, title, skills) vanishes – they’re challenged with: “If I’m not that, then what or who am I?”

As a career consultant in high tech during the boom years I saw people succeed, grow careers, obtain rewards, and often develop lifestyles in line with success achieved.

When positions or programs were eliminated, while confident in their skills and knowledge, people were at odds to find a ‘second act’, transferable skills, or motivated interests.

Makes sense – when busy working we’re ‘heads down’, focused on what ‘is’, not what’s coming or not (trends). We lead busy personal lives leaving little time and often no perceived need to plan for the ‘what if’s’. Well, plainly speaking, now the rubber’s met the road.

Knowing yourself, fully, is key to navigating the present and future. While job search strategies are crucial, your greatest career strategy is self knowledge. A house without a foundation crumbles. A career strategy ‘house’, without a solid foundation of self knowledge, is vulnerable to all the elements.

Greater knowledge, e.g. strengths, motivators, what makes you ‘tick’, values, creates more choice, building career resilience.

Think about it this way—where would you prefer to sit in your ‘Career Car’:

– Driver (you’re at the controls)

– Passenger (helps driver, but has no controls)

– Kids in backseat (headsets and texting – just ‘along for the ride’), or last, but not least . . .

– Trunk (no vision, trapped, no choice).

Your career strategy actions are designed to align knowledge of yourself with your target sectors or roles. And today, more than ever, you have to know the ‘fit’ better than anyone – well before the application and interviews.

We don’t know if today’s promising industries will propel the workforce: e.g., Green technology, media tools creating ‘just in time’ efficiencies and information transfer.

But one constant remains – you must be prepared, knowledgeable and strategic. There’s truth in the phrase: “No one knows you better than yourself”.

But when we’re concerned, anxious or depleted, we forget that axiom – and if remembered, we no longer believe it.  Commit to getting (reacquainted) with yourself. That’s part one.

Part two:  It’s not only what you know about yourself – it’s what you do with it.

Learn to articulate with impact in ‘sound bites’, and expanded conversations (networking, interviews), then use the wealth of your inventory to target related professions, positions and industries.

Ask yourself tough questions: “Have I bench-marked myself?  Given my style of working, values, goals – is this role or culture right for me? If not, what would the ideal one look like?” Not having answers to these and other questions is an accident waiting to happen – leaving you in the “trunk” status vs. resilient with choice.

Yes, there’s competition. Yes, it’s tougher to penetrate the world of connecting as many people are tapped out with requests to help others network. But if you tell your story succinctly and intelligently (demonstrating understanding of self and research of targeted areas), you’ll stand out from those making requests but offering few compelling reasons for their network to follow through.

You can’t lean on relationships alone.

Bottom line, the best person to help you succeed, the one you can depend on over and over again – is you.

Stop, slow down, take stock of what you know about yourself, identify gaps, and get the right resources to help yourself- they’re plentiful. The good news, promised above, is that once you commit to self discovery – never stop. We’re all evolving, learning, emerging (unless you’re hibernating..).

Keep up to date with yourself- not just the outer world. Then connect the dots, do the homework and keep learning. Being a continuous learner is the strongest key to self resilience and your greatest ally in building sustainable career resilience.

Enjoy the journey – YOU are the main attraction!

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Lenore Mewton is a proven career coach, author, career assessment certified and resume expert.  Known for her commitment to clients, she builds confidence and fosters career resilience.   Her Fast Track Job Search Guide is now available for purchase.

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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