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The Medicine Ball Job Interview Strategy

    job interview strategies, book of job, medicine ball, ancient greece, evaluation methods, job interview, mass media, interview process, interview questions, medicine balls, mock interviews, hippocrates, business, pressure, medicine, interviewing, strategy, friend, recruitment, interviews, employment In some ways, a medicine ball is an outdated idea.

After all, according to Wikipedia, use of a medicine ball is is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training.

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates had patients toss sand-filled animal skins back and forth for injury prevention and rehabilitation.  So the health value of this exercise is what gave the medicine ball its name.

Aren’t you glad to learn that?

But the idea of placing extra stress on key muscles to prevent injury is an interesting idea.

For those of you with a job interview coming up, here’s where it all comes together.  You should be preparing for that job interview in a more difficult environment.  Because it is often not the question that’s being asked, but the way it is asked.  And who is asking.

Since there is often too much pressure during the interview process, find a friend who is willing to put you under some of that pressure in advance of your interview. Call it a mock interview on steroids.

Here are 10 ways a friend can do that for you:

1. Give you “that look” when you give a strange answer

2. Follow up relentlessly if you are not providing details

3. Use the silent treatment and see what you will do

4. Never smile

5. Ask one of those inappropriate interview questions about age, married status or religion

6. Dig in really deep on one of your accomplishment statements

7. Question your actual role in a key project (team vs. individual accomplishments)

8. Take a phone call or allow another type of interruption

9. Don’t allow a conversational job interview.  Keep it strictly a one-way Q&A

10. Allow you to meander during the interview well beyond the completion of a reasonable answer

Because if you can experience all these pressures in advance of a real job interview.  The pressure will seem less daunting when the big day comes along.

Kind of a medicine ball for your brain. And your confidence.

What other ways can you think of to put friends through the ringer with a medicine ball job interview?

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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