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The Power Of Music During Job Search

power, music, job search, positive, psychologySo.  Why is Buddy Holly Smiling?

Well, this particular shot of him is from an advertisement.  But I thought his image was a good one to kick things off.
Also, I’m kind of a Buddy Holly fan.  His music, like many others of his generation had a simple and pure energy.  An energy that I found lacking some days during my last job search.
The idea here is that job search requires a certain confidence.  A solid belief in yourself that can be lost through a series of rough spots, an extended search or simply a bad day.
And when things got tough for me, on some days, I turned to music.  And I still do – on days when I feel like I need a lift.  In fact, there’s a certain Buddy Holly song that does it for me called “Rave On”. There’s also The Kinks.  My favorite band of all time – and a certain song called “Better Things”.
Now, do you have to be a music lover for this to work?  I don’t think so.  But only you can tell me how it fits in your life – job search or not.
Now I can feel some of you heading toward the virtual door.  Too touchy-feely? Yes, there’s some of that here.  But let me give you some ideas of how it can work for you.
1.  Its early on in your job search and you have a ton of work to do on your resume.  Work that is sometimes tedious and may feel like you are focused on very fine points.  How about some music to calm you and help you stretch out the process instead pulling out your hair or turning on the TV.
2.  Heading to the interview and need a confidence boost or timely distraction? How about a reminder of your glory days when you couldn’t do anything wrong? Here I’m thinking Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp or Bryan Adams.  Look for upbeat songs that get you moving and, even better, singing out loud. Another really good and more modern one is Green Day.
3.  Need to bask in the glory of a great interview day?  How about a loud opera with the windows down?  Madame Butterfly works well.  Sounds like victory.
4.  Planning your future?  Trying to decide on your life plan as part of a larger job search strategy? How about Vusi Mahlasela?  I listened to him through the Oakland airport one day and ended up taking two laps around the departure area to get through the album.  Also good here?  Ben Harper.
5.  Feeling a bit stressed?  I like Steve Martin’s “Wild and Crazy Guy” as comedy always seems to work for me on those days.  Another good option is reggae. Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff.
But, tell me.  What role does music play in your life and how does that change when in stressful or provocative situations (like job search)?
While you are thinking, here are my two theories on music.

Music stirs up your blood

When you are nervous or tense (pre-interview?), music helps get your blood flowing.  It shakes loose the nerves and helps you to think.  Especially if you pick the right song at the right time and at the right volume they seem to make sense.

Music has healing power

Post-interview, when it is time to power-down, music can take you to a happy place and ease you back into the rest of your day.  So you can contemplate what happened and confidently plan your next steps.
OK.  Your turn.  What are your favorite types of music and how do you use it to get you through all this?
In the end I hope you, like Buddy Holly, will be smiling.

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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