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What Is Memorable About You?

 what is, elevator speech, networking events, human interest, upcoming, ideas, memorable, mountains, loud, questions, shares, ready You may get asked this question at an upcoming networking event.

What’s memorable about you?

Often by a group facilitator trying to give everyone some ideas of what to say during the upcoming elevator speeches.  It’s good direction, of course.  Because if you are not memorable you are, well, forgotten.  You move off the top of the mountain.  Beaten down by someone with a really good story, experience or unusual skill.  You may tumble to the bottom.  And now you are climbing back up.  Pushing water.

And if you are no longer on top of the mountain, you are not “top-of-mind”.  Top-of-mind means that you are among the first to be considered for some action by someone else.  A call for coffee, the sending of a job lead, the introduction to an influential person in their network.

This question is also asked by a fellow networker.  Only your fellow networker won’t ask it quite so directly.  In fact, the question may not even be spoken out loud.   It is simply assumed.  That you will wow them in some small way to deserve attention.

That’s why networking is hard for some.  Especially those new to the task.  Because they think that just showing up gets you points.  And if you collect enough points you get awards.  Enough awards and you get a prize of some kind.  Not true.

So, what is memorable about you?  Is there anything?  Are you sure?

I’ll bet if I interviewed you I could find at least two things.  Things that would make people pay more attention when you are introducing yourself.  Send me a note if you’d like me to help you.  Or you can read this post:

31 Ways To Uncover The Interesting Parts Of You

Because when you walk up to the crowd at a networking event.  And you find a small circle to join and say hello.  They’ll all look at you.  And be thinking the same thing.

Wow me.

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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