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Working With Recruiters: Tapping Into Some Animal Magnetism

Today is an introduction of sorts.  To radio as a medium for career and job search content.  But more specifically, it is an introduction to a recruiter who tells it like it is.  Brutally honest.  And sometimes just brutal.

As job seekers or career-focused people in general, sometimes we need a 2 x 4 to the head.  Someone to knock us down and rid our brains of false notions.  Or poor assumptions.

So today I am introducing you to the Recruiting Animal, host of the self-proclaimed “#1 Show In Recruiting Radio”.  Or just “Animal” if you find him on Twitter.

How do you know if you’ve found him? Look for this haunting image:

You will also find this image (not haunting at all) of Andie Macdowell – which I will ask him to explain below:

Now before you run off to follow Animal on Twitter, note his own warning to potential followers: “IF YOU’RE sensitive DON’T FOLLOW ME”.  Of course all that did was make me follow him.  To see what he might say.  Here are a few examples of his style:

But Animal is not all about bite, you can see his empathetic side.  He goes out of his way to help people create better online brands (esp. through their look and content on Twitter).  He also did a great series on the show with @NealSchaffer that offered free analysis of various LinkedIn profiles.  You can listen to that series here and also get a taste of recruiting radio.  But cover your ears.  He’s loud.

Anyway, here’s my interview with Animal . . . answering questions his way:

Tim: Animal, thanks for the time.  Describe what you do online and why?

Animal: I blog occasionally at recruitinganimal.com and at my group blog, recruitingbloggers.com, I micro-blog and chat on Twitter, I have my radio show every Wed at noon EST.  Why? Chicks dig it. And it’s more fun than working.

Tim: We first met when you complimented my blog, criticized a post and suggested a new picture for my Twitter account.  All in one day.  Is that how you start relationships with most people?

Animal: Yeah. First they hate me then they like me. Or first they like me then they hate me. It depends who they see me helping first: themselves or someone else.

Tim: Have you always been Animal?  If not, when did you find this voice and persona for radio and Twitter?

Animal: When I was on Recruiting.com I was The Canadian Headhunter. But Canadian Headhunter was Recruiting Animal.

Tim: Most of my readers are active job seekers.  Many of whom are confused about the role of recruiters and how often to communicate with them.  What is the single best tip you can give someone looking to connect with a recruiter?

Animal: Create a Linkedin profile so any recruiter can find you when she needs you.  If you want to build a relationship with a specific recruiter, pick a niche recruiter and do everything you can to suck up to him.

If he’s on Twitter, RT everything he says and #FF him on Fridays. If he’s not on Twitter, send in a good resume. Ask if you can have a conversation. Never get mad at him for ignoring you. Touch base every three weeks with an email or a voice-mail letting him know that you are still in the market. And tell him, frankly, that you’re willing to give him leads to potential candidates in return for a decent amount of shelf space in his mind.

But don’t give all your leads at once. Make him call you every time he needs something. Then, give him only a few names to try so if he wants more he’ll have to call you again.

Tim: As a community service, can you highlight some of the worst mistakes most job seekers make with recruiters?

Animal: (1) Try to go around the recruiter directly to the hiring manager. That’s the kiss of death.  I remember I recruited a sales manager whose company was closing. This guy met with the client and both of them realized that they would have met once he started actively looking for a job even if I had not recruited him. So when I called the candidate for a follow up on the interview he said thanks for making the introduction but he can handle it from here. What? Is he an idiot? I feel myself wanting to swear at him as I write this. The client tried to avoid paying us as well. But he paid.

(2) If you just want to make the recruiter mad at you but not hate you, just don’t call him after an interview and don’t reply to messages.

(3) If you just want to irritate him, send him a functional resume. They’re totally useless.

(4) Or don’t put in your date of graduation, end your resume when you were already a supervisor and show irritation when he asks you when you finished school.

(5) Or say that you have experience that he is looking for when you really don’t and act frustrated when he asks you to give some examples.

(6) Or arrange to have him call you at 9pm for a phone interview and then don’t answer or answer and say that it’s not a good time to talk. And don’t be apologetic.

Tim: Now for the big questions:  what is the origin of your Twitter image and why Andie Macdowell?

Animal: My twitter image? What are you, a lame brain? As for Andie, isn’t that a no brainer as well?  But here’s the full story.

When I first started using Twitter I was going to change my background every week.  I think I had Kate Bush up there first. She was stunning in the Hounds of Love video and doing RocketMan on Wogan (a British TV show) so I created stills and posted them as my backdrops. That was too much work so Andie MacDowell was my next backdrop and I like her and I find this picture very relaxing so I kept it.

.  .  .

If you’d like to listen to the live radio show and hear Animal do his thing, here is a great opportunity.  I am stepping in the cage this coming Wednesday (March 3) at 9:00 AM Pacific Time as a guest on his show.  Come be a part and listen to me battle the oppressor.  And have a bit of fun . . .

Click here to listen!

You can also find Animal and a link to his radio show here in the Career Expert Directory.

Oh, and if you decide to engage with him on Twitter.  Promise to keep your hands and feet away.  At all times.

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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